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Each of the groups listed here performs a vital service to our fellowship. Following the links will allow you to learn more about each subcommittee. You will find the guidelines that direct their goals and meeting schedules.

There is always room for people to involve themselves with service. Doing service allows us to get out of ourselves and help keep Narcotics Anonymous strong. Remember it was the selfless service of others that enabled the doors to be open when we arrived.


The Activities subcommittee is a committee made up of Narcotics Anonymous members who coordinate and plan functions which promote unity and maintain an atmosphere of recovery in the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous in the Recovery Coast Area.

The primary purpose of the Activities Subcommittee is to promote unity and fellowship for the Recovery Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous. The Activities Subcommittee is responsible for organizing and hosting events such as: dances, picnics, campouts, etc. in a recovery oriented atmosphere.

Hospitals & Institutions

The Hospitals & Institutions subcommittee is a committee made up of Narcotics Anonymous members who initiates, coordinate and conduct all local H&I meetings/presentations within the Recovery Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous.

The primary purpose of the H&I subcommittee is to carry the NA message of recovery to any addict whose attendance at regular NA meetings is restricted. It initiates, coordinates and conducts all local NA H&I meetings.

H&I F.A.Q.

What are the requirements to go into jails and prisons?
1 year off paper for misdemeanors and 3 years off paper for felonies is required. Also, State and County do background checks for warrants. (i.e. check records, convictions, run through FEDS, etc.) Individuals also have to follow facility requirements. Formats may vary from meeting to meeting (depending on the type of facility). In short term facilities, the format will be more focused on the panel members carrying a message to the residents, whereas long term facilities may encourage participation from residents.

How is an H&I meeting different than a regular NA meeting?
H&I meetings are closed meetings. It’s by invitation only, participants are chosen by the panel leader. We do not give out key tags and we do not read the 12 Traditions. Participants in the H&I meetings also include the panel leader, panel chair, panel members/speakers and anyone else approved by the H&I sub-committee.

To go to the jail, will they contact my employer?
No, it’s completely anonymous.

Public Relations & Helpline

The Public Relations subcommittee is a committee made up of Narcotics Anonymous members who help to create awareness of Narcotics Anonymous in the community. The PR subcommittee also maintains an effective 24 hour helpline where the general public seeking help and/or information can call and have a one on one conversation with a recovering addict via the telephone.

The primary purpose of the Public Relations subcommittee is to inform the public that NA exists. The Public Relations subcommittee is responsible for making available timely, credible and accurate information on our fellowship to the public. The Phoneline subcommittee at the area level establishes, maintains and coordinates an effective 24 hour, 7 day per week phoneline. The subcommittee attempts to make NA available to any addicts seeking recovery by informing those who reach out to us where they can find an NA meeting. They do so by following the 12 traditions and the policy guidelines of the phoneline and the area.


The Policy subcommittee is a committee made up of Narcotics Anonymous members who provide monthly addendum as needed to ASC policy holders and submit a current Policy Package annually to include ASC policy and all subcommittee guidelines representative of Narcotics Anonymous in the Recovery Coast Area.

The primary purpose of the Policy Subcommittee is to consider any input that affects the policies of the ASC and upon deliberation, provide clarity to the Recovery Coast Area.

When / Where Do We Meet?

Hospitals & Institutions: 1:00pm – 2:00pm /  Public Relations & Helpline: 2:00pm – 3:00pm – meet on the first Sunday of every month at

First {Trinity} Presbyterian Church, 7540 Ridge Rd. Port Richey, Florida 34668.

Activities: 12:00pm – 1:00pm / Policy: 1:00pm – 2:00pm – meet on the second Sunday of every month before Area Service Committee.

Community Congregational Church, 6533 Circle Blvd. New Port Richey, Florida 34652